Introduction to Freeport Retail

Freeport acts as an asset manager and operator of a portfolio of European outlet centres and as a provider of development and management consultancy services to third party investors and developers. Freeport's knowledge and expertise has been gained from the management team's long involvement in the retail, property and leisure sectors across Europe.

A London-based company, Freeport achieved a full listing on the London Stock Exchange in July 1994, and was named UK Property Company of the Year in 1999.

Freeport has developed, owned and managed six Freeport centres in the UK (Castleford, Fleetwood, Stoke, Braintree, Hornsea and West Lothian) and four in continental Europe (Freeport Alcochete, Portugal, Freeport International Outlet, Czech Republic, Freeport Kungsbacka, Sweden and Freeport Roppenheim, France).

In 2004 5 UK Freeport centres were sold as an institutional package to Hermes, the leading pension fund, although Freeport retained a minority stake.

In 2007 Freeport was acquired by Carlyle European Real Estate Partners (CEREP), one of the world's leading private equity investors. With the support of CEREP, Freeport instituted a fullscale turnaround, remodelling the centres, introducing new tenants and significantly reducing costs. In 2009, Freeport Roppenheim was sold to MAB/Neinver and is one of the most successful outlets in France. In 2014 Carlyle successfully sold the remaining Freeport assets to Meyer Bergman.

In 2011 Freeport Retail was established as a management company to provide outlet development, asset management and operations expertise to the Freeport outlets and to third party investors and developers. Freeport’s latest projects include Freeport Afamosa in Malaysia, opened in November 2015, The Village, Villefontaine, opening April 4th 2018. More projects are in the pipeline!

Freeport’s latest project, Acienda Designer Outlet in Manila, The Philippines is under construction and will open May 2018.

The senior team have deep knowledge of the outlet industry